Syntrus Achmea buys 32 Dagelijks Leven residential care complexes


Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance has reached an agreement on behalf of the Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund (ADHCPF) on acquiring a portfolio of 32 residential care complexes of the international care provider Orpea Group. The lessee and operator of the 32 complexes is Dagelijks Leven, a provider of affordable and small-scale residential care for people living with dementia. With this purchase, the ADHCPF acquires over 40% of Dagelijks Leven's 76 locations.

The partnership with Dagelijks Leven makes an important contribution to the Achmea Dutch Health Care Property Fund’s ambition to invest in affordable housing for senior citizens, whether or not they have specific care needs. Dagelijks Leven offers specialised care and housing for people living with dementia in the Netherlands. The central control of the overall concept combined with local management makes the concept highly scalable.

The Dagelijks Leven complexes are spread throughout the Netherlands at central locations in the district, close to local facilities. The locations are tailored to local care needs, allowing people to receive care in their familiar surroundings. The concept is open to a broad target group and affordable for people only receiving a state pension. The residential facility houses up to 22 residents per location.

Dagelijks Leven and the ADHCPF have high sustainability ambitions. The locations already have a good sustainability score. The parties are also working together on further improvements under a sustainability agreement. There is also a lot of common ground in terms of future-proofing. Fund Manager Daan Tettero of the ADHCPF: "This purchase is a good addition to the Fund's portfolio. The Dagelijks Leven formula aligns perfectly with the Fund's strategy of responding to trends and developments in healthcare. It’s all about combining housing, care, affordability and sustainability."

The transaction was overseen by the following parties: Capital Value: commercial guidance
Core Notariaat, Six Advocaten and Mobius Advocaten: legal support
Deloitte: fiscal guidance
Oostelbos Van den Berg Construction Consultancy: technical guidance