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Achmea Real Estate acquires and (re)develops real estate on behalf of institutional clients. To this end, we work together with strategic partners including municipalities, developers, housing corporations and care organisations, and keep track of new trends and developments. We thus represent our clients' interests from initiative to completion.
Achmea Real Estate believes that municipalities, corporations, and investors can improve cities together, each from their role. We act as a strategic city partner and are in structural dialogue with the government and the largest municipalities in the Netherlands to promote our clients' interests. 

We made performance agreements with several municipalities to realise rental housing in the middle segment. Furthermore, we are also (co-)signatories of numerous Green and ‘Woon’ deals and ‘Langer Thuis’ agreements (from nursing home to care at home). 

On behalf of our customers, we take the lead in some impactful developments such as the application of bio-based materials and investigate how we can help our tenants live even happier and healthier in our properties. 
Achmea Real Estate, with the redevelopment of the Molenwerf (Westerhoek) in Amsterdam, was one of the first parties to actively engage with its investors to transform offices into housing. This was then repeated in, among others, The Hague (Wijnhavenkwartier and Groot Hertogin), Utrecht (Neudeflat) and - in preparation - in Roosendaal.

We continue to seek opportunities to transform. Especially with properties where redevelopment is complex, Achmea Real Estate's accumulated knowledge and experience enables successful inner-city redevelopment. In the centre of Utrecht, for example, we transformed the Blauwe Planeet into a multifunctional shopping centre 'House Modernes'.
As an investment manager, we can successfully enter into long-term trajectories. Our ambitious ESG policy helps us do this. Recently, for instance, we have launched various residential and care concepts such as the full-service residential concept 'One Space' and the residential care platform 'eef'. 

Together with health insurer Zilveren Kruis, also part of Achmea, we are taking important steps when it comes to realising new residential forms with care for seniors. Our joint appeal aims for all elderly people to have a suitable, future-proof and healthy home by 2040. We endorse the national ambition to realise one million new homes by 2040. We do add to that: make 500,000 of these homes life-course-proof.

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