Meaningful Investing, that is Achmea Real Estate


Achmea's real estate business will continue under the name Achmea Real Estate from 1 June. A company with big ambitions and a new, sharpened ESG strategy. At its core is our promise to ensure investments in real estate with high social value at an appropriate financial return. For us, that is Investing with Meaning.

The introduction of the new name is accompanied by a new visual identity, a new logo and adapted means of communication, including this website. With the new design, we link ourselves even more explicitly to our parent company Achmea, of which we are and will remain a wholly owned subsidiary. Together with the other Achmea entities, we aim for Sustainable Living, together.

Achmea Real Estate operates from the conviction that asset management in real estate serves a sustainable future. We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthy and suitable, affordable home. In an environment that contributes to the well-being of people and nature. We realise that we cannot do this alone. That is why we work together with institutional clients, tenants and partners focused on a better world tomorrow. A sustainable future? 'Yes, we do!'

In recent years, we have made great strides on ESG. Examples include the substantial reduction of C02 emissions in our residential portfolios, the large-scale sustainability of our clients' existing homes and the introduction of the Social Impact Monitor, which enables us - as the first investment manager in the Netherlands - to quantify the social impact of real estate investments. 

The importance of ESG will only increase in the coming years. Achmea Real Estate is ready to take up this challenge. With our knowledge, experience and ambition to substantially increase our social impact, we want to grow in the coming years. Our target is to double our assets under management to 25 billion euros in 2030.

To be clear: Achmea Real Estate is only a trade name for the time being. Following the legal split of Syntrus Achmea Real Estate & Finance B.V. - into a real estate and a mortgage cluster later this year - Achmea Real Estate will also become the statutory name.